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Located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia is the tiny island paradise of Norfolk Island, which is famous for the evergreen Norfolk Island pine that is popular on the Australian mainland as and ornamental tree. Norfolk Island was originally colonised as part of Australia in 1788 and served as a convict penal settlement until 1794. After that is was abandoned until it once again became a permanent residence in 1856. Travellers who come to Norfolk Island marvel at the warm, suntropical climate that provides very mild winters and warm (but not hot) summers. When you stay on Norfolk Island you will find that it is easy to explore the entire island because it is so easy to get around by car. There are numerous small townships scattered across the island with houses located along the clifftop coastline, nestled into tree covered valleys and over the open field pastures. Norfolk Island also contains a number of different walking tracks that will not only take you all over the island but will also provide you with some magnificent scenic views along the way.

The resorts on Norfolk Island provide travellers at all types with a choice of luxury and affordable island accommodation that is a lot different from that which you would get on mainland Australia. One of the best things about Norfolk Island is that it has a much more relaxed pace, which allows you to slow down and helps to ease the stress that you get from busy city life. There is a variety of accommodation options available all over Norfolk Island and there is something to suit the needs of all travellers, from the budget conscious to the discerning holiday maker.


How to Get to Norfolk Island

Getting to and from Norfolk Island is quite easy with numerous flights travelling to the island each day from a number of different destinations in Australia and New Zealand. Flights to Norfolk Island are conducted by Air New Zealand and if you are travelling from Sydney or Brisbane then it will take approximately 2 ½ hours. If you are travelling from New Zealand then a flight from Auckland will take 1 ½ hours and a flight from Christchurch will take 2 ½ hours. An important thing to note is that flights to Norfolk Island will always depart from the International Terminal in these cities and you will be required to carry your passport with you, even if you are coming from Australia. There are also infrequent cruise ships and sailing vessels that travel to Norfolk Island if you would prefer to come via boat.


Governors Lodge Resort Hotel  Governors Lodge Resort Hotel
Normal Rate $300
From Rate $90
The Governors Lodge Resort Hotel is conveniently located just outside the Burnt Pine township and offers quality 1 bedroom lodge accommodation set amongst 12 acres of landscaped gardens and with special attentive service.
Address : Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Norfolk Island   
More Information : Governors Lodge Resort Hotel Details



Norfolk Island HotelsStar RatingNormal Rate1+ Night Rate (From)3+ Night Rate (From)5+ Night Rate (From)7+ Night Rate (From)
Governors Lodge Resort Hotel$300$90$90$90$90

All rates are 'from rates' only, quoted in $AUD and are inclusive of all taxes.

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